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James G. Pycha


5 bcmpbll

Jim worked a very complex short-sale. Me the buyer in San Francisco, the seller in Atlanta, and the bank in Houston. He could not have been better.

5 Col Ebey

Responsive and personable. Jim knows to link each contact situation with clarity and who, when and what is next – so accountability is maintained.

5 CharlesL.Looney

I have come to think of Jim as a pro’s pro. He’s spent his entire professional life in RE (over 30 yrs), most of it on this island of Kauaii. He has mentored some of the most successful agents working here today. Furthermore, he’s always a straight shooter when it comes to pricing and prospects – two of the things I care about most.

5 dugthecarp

James Pycha was the best broker I have dealt with in 35 years as a builder /developer. His knowledge of Kauai real estate and personality made for a great experience in selling our home. I highly recommend him to friends and profesionals.

5 kneetap1

James has years of experience in the Kauai market and knows the Island backwards. He is honest, does not oversell and goes out of his way to figure out what you are looking for. I’ve been very impressed

5 user5620657

Certainly one of the most responsive and experianced Real Estate professionals I have had the good fortune to have known over the last twelve-years. If you have a Hawaii Real Estate need, look no further, you found it, James Pycha!

5 user191763

Great agent! Very professional, personable, hard worker, and quite through. When buyer unable to see property in person, Jim goes out of his way to furnish in depth information via phone, internet, and terrific videos. He is not afraid to do extensive research on property and is very diligent in making sure the sale item fits the desires of his customers. I recommend Jim highly and will continue to utilize his expertise.

5 user517030

James Pycha was our listing agent and helped sell our Four Bedroom, Three Bath, 6 yr old home on Kauai. We lived off island and he made sure any needs for the home to sell were met. Very experienced, very pleasant and always able to reach either by phone, email and fax. Will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the property is shown in best situations. His staff and co-workers were all willing to pitch in if needed, so more than just him available. We were very pleased with the results.

5 user3143617

Jim manages a property that I rent long-term. He was very professional and effective while we were negotiating the terms of the lease. He also has been very responsive to my every question and request about the property. Jim is an expert in everything Kauai and I believe he has been a resident here for over 40 years.

5 user00056278

First off, we had a blast with Jim learning the island, the culture, the plants, etc. Didn’t know how much we had to learn after visiting on vacations well over 25 times over the years. Second, Jim quickly observed our tastes and preferences and never wasted our time looking at homes that we would not appreciate. House hunting and negotiating on the island from the mainland presents some challenges, but Jim made it seamless for us. Finally, he and my wife found the perfect house…except for the price, which was well above my preferred price point. With Jim’s knowledge of the local market, including specific owners and homes, we were able to negotiate the price down to our preferred level. We couldn’t be more happy with our home and the price. Oh, by the way, we bought the home next door to Jim. He’s every bit as good of a neighbor as he is a RE agent!

5 user2427352

Jim is an excellent agent. He not only knows the client’s preferences, but goes out of his way to find the best deal and “fit” for that specific individual. I would recommend Jim Pycha highly!

5 user7028946

We recently purchased a condominium in the Poipu Kai area on Kauai. Jim spent a few days showing us the current inventory and helping us learn the market. He was very patient and easy to work with. Once we decided to make offer, Jim was very helpful in guiding us through a long, and at times, frustrating process.

Throughout, he was very responsive to our concerns and we would highly recommend him to others looking for a straight-forward, professional and responsive agent.

5 user4445793

In the process of finding a property, we came across Jim. He was friendly and engaged in the requests we were making. He went above and beyond to find the required information and if he did not have an answer, he would ensure an appropriate answer came in a short period of time. We outlined several conditions on properties in order to minimize viewing properties that were of no interest to us. Based on this information, Jim was able to schedule appointments of properties of interest only and not waste our time. Mr. Pycha is very knowledgable in the required documents, processes and mortgage requirements. He has made this experience an easy one for us.

5 user5433806

Jim handled my very complex sell and purchase with a talent only someone who is passionate and love what they do and people… my journey took 8 months and with many homes I visited some favorable some non favorable, Jim was always positive and would say, it will come, don’t rush it, be patient. I found that very unusual coming from someone who what I thought worked on commission. Jim’s drive was to make this life changing experience one I would not look back on and regret but to look forward into my future with peace. It was later I had realized that with all his clients he had to tend to he made me feel like I was the only client he had. Never rushed, always a call away and there whenever I needed him to see a home I just saw, a brain I could pick or a question I needed to be answered and didn’t know where to go for the answer. I’ve called on him since my investment 3years ago for advice and I know I’ll be calling him for many inquiries and he will be there. Great Job done, Great Company, Great Man…

5 user65263404

Jim understands local real estate — supply and demand, cause and effect — he knows his business. He was wonderful to work with and as an agent he is professional and cares for his clients.

5 user4326314

Jim knows the pulse of the Kauai housing market. With his help we sold our condo and bought a lot with an ocean view, in which we are now building our new home. We highly recommend Jim for all your real estate needs. ~Holt & Margo Cloward

5 kathleencbailey

Jim is not only a true professional, he is a wonderful human being. I listed my property on Kaua’i with him and he sold it quickly, handling some arcane legal and easement details with aplomb. He kept me well-informed of the progress of the sale, and even helped me with some issues that were outside of the purview of real estate. I can honestly say that I started with Jim as my realtor and ended up with him as my good friend.

5 chessie66

Dealt with Jim long distance. He was knowledgable, thorough in explanation, good listener, prompt in his responses, available to answer questions, helpful throughout the process. Although, our search has not yet been successful I would not hesitate to use Jim again. He is an asset to his company and his community.

5 paul387

Always a pleasure to deal with Jim. We met over 5 years ago and decided to have Jim manage our vacation rental. They have always remained reachable for all our needs. The unit os well cared for and rented for at least seventy five percent of the time. All in all , we know we can count on Jim and his staff to maintain our town home properly. Thanks again to his team at Remax.

5 tcarroll147

I have used Jim twice in purchasing a home and once to sell a home in Kauai. Jim is extremely knowledgeable of the Kauai market and very good at developing winning strategies to expedite the sale or buying timeline. Jim is a true professional but also responsive and easy to communicate with. I would not hesitate or think twice in using Jim’s services again if and when the time comes.

5 sueztrader

Jim Pycha is a consumate real estate professional with extensive knowledge of the islands, legalities, trends and lifestyle. He puts his clients’ best interests first and meticulously provides information in all aspects of the profession. He’s totally honest in all dealings. His incredible knowledge of the islands and the real estate professional place Jim head and shoulders above others in the business.

These comments are made as a former real estate broker and company owner. I’ve worked with people in this profession as trainees in my company, my employees, renters, buyers, seller and property manager.

Jim Pycha is the best of the best.

5 marydimple

Regarding our dealings with James Pycha we have found him to be honest, forth right and helpful in every way. It has been a pleasure dealing with him and we look forward to working with him in a future time. Joel and Dagmar Danenberg

5 kimkerrigan

Jim is the consummate Professional and a pleasure to work with…he is insightful, understanding and very tenacious! He is most certainly the GO-TO guy when it comes to the Kauai Real Estate Market!

5 olivia77

I have worked with Jim and his team on more than one occasion. They had helped me find the right lots, homes and condos over last couple of years. He and his team are VERY knowledgeable and helpful. No job too small or too much to handle. His office locations are very convenient – one on south end and one in Princeville.

5 user291740

Jim and his staff were most helpful and supportive during the sale of our townhome. The transaction required the expertise to interact with government, lenders and buyers to complete. It was a most intricate and detailed tansaction that was expertly handled by Jim and his staff. My wife and I highly recommend Jim.

5 patd64

James has been great at helping us get familiar with Poipu and Kapaa. He is very knowledgeable about the area and the market and extremely pleasant to spend time with. We’ve not found the perfect place for us yet but will continue to work with him until it appears. I highly recommend him!

5 johngenovesejr

I have had numerous buisness deals with Mr. Pycha over the past few years and he has always been stellar. I highly reccommend working with him! If you are looking for the hardest working real estate broker on the island, you found him.

5 alika wehiproductions

Jim’s attention to the details of my needs went beyond even my knowledge and expectations. If there is just one thing out of many I would be grateful to Jim for is his patience and his encouragement in his support to seek what is not only with in my budget but within my realistic means of future accountability. I have worked with many agents in my years of investing and re-investing and never have I came across an honest man that truly has my and my families best interest in our lifetime investments. We have 4 young adult children and our need to secure their future in all that we invest in is our most highest priorities in our lives therefore we are very detailed and cautious of our association with anyone involving any of our investments, Jim worked with us for 8 months, consistent, diligent and honorable to our mission. Jim is what we say old school standards…

5 user7681335

Jim Pycha has been an invaluable resource for us during our recent purchase of a condo on Kauai. He is professional, knowledgeable, and reliably available. I would ask for Jim’s help in any future real estate endeavor, in a heartbeat!

5 daveb1256

Jim was prompt and efficient, always ready to answer any questions or make any changes. He was tireless and persistent even though we were in the depths of the real estate recession. We were very fortunate to have his help. I would highly recommend his services to any prospective buyer or seller.

5 user164333

Jim helped us located a retirement home on Kauai in late 2011. With his help we found a nice home in Kalaheo and purchased it in the beginning of 2012. Since we were a few years from retirement we selected him and his wife to manage the property and they succeeded in finding excellent tenants. We are very pleased with all aspects of Jim’s services.

5 gary031412

Condo still listed. I am very satisfied with Jim’s handling of the listing agreement, as I am sure that I will be pleased with his negotiating skills. He has always been prompt in getting back to me.

5 DArnold321

I have been involved in three property transactions with Jim and he is currently helping with a fourth. I have found him to be a true professional. His knowledge of the local market and his expertise in the real estate business overall is second to none.

5 tpfinney

Jim was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, hard working and honest. He worked very hard to find what we were looking for and worked diligently to make the deal happen. We were very impressed and couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have worked with. Truly a fantastic man to work with.

5 djmcchesney6

I have known Jim for years and have used ReMax/Kauai as an agent in several capacities. Jim is highly knowledgeable of all Kauai real estate areas. Jim takes time needed to explain any details. Jim is especially skilled in negotiations and successfully closing deals. I plan to work with Jim on any Kauai real estate matters.

5 user09049394

Hello, my name is Jim. My wife and I highly recommend James Pycha for any realty needs. We are in the market to purchase real property in Kaua’i. James Pycha assisted us. James Pycha is professional, courteous, understanding, pragmatic, insightful, very responsive, and has a great sense of humour. James Pycha was the sellers agent in the matter. While we ultimately did not purchase the real property, we feel so strongly about James Pycha’s skills that we wanted to write a review and let everyone know how great he is. Thank you James Pycha! Jim and Michelle

5 TatianaFleurine

Jim was able to focus us down to specific locations on the island that would be best suited for what we were looking for. Of the 20 or so houses we wanted to see, he directed us to the one we eventually bought that wasn’t even on our list. He was able to successfully negotiate a bidding war for the house in our favor. Great guy to work with. Jim is proof that all agents are not the same.

5 user6767128

First and foremost, Jim is very professional. He addressed all of my concerns through out the selling process, and helped me with the Hawaiian tax system. I would recommend Jim to anyone wanting to buy in Kauai. Holt Cloward

5 mos 41

Jim Pycha’s knowledg and honesty was most helpful in our surch for a renatl home. His fairness in negotiation was very remarkable and benefited both me and the property owner – most appreciated. I certainly recommend Jim for any Real Estate need!

5 user1496506

Purchasing land and building homes to sell, I researched, then sought out the best representative on the island. Highly skilled professional who has become a lifelong friend, with Jim you’re with the best. Mike Reid

5 kharjo

Jim is an amazing realtor and it was a pleasure to work with him. He is very knowledgeable and is a leader in his profession. I would highly recommend him and will use him again in the future!!

5 user928203

Jim has been helping us with the sale of our house for the last several months. He is experienced, knowledgeable and always available to talk. Before we listed the house we had also talked to him a number of times about other properties and suggestions on the remodel of our house. We would recommend him highly.

5 cordymashy

I worked with Jim Pycha for 12 years as one of his Real Estate agents and then retired. I am now using Jim as my agent to sell my Hale Moi condo in Princeville. I have complete confidence in his competence and dedication. I also like him very much as a friend…unbeatable combination!

5 junekodani

As my property manager and owner of Remax on Kauai, I appreciate Jim’s interest in my personal and professional concerns. Although he is not the realtor for the sale of my property, he responded to my request to be present at my meetings with the realtor. It is important to me to have someone I can trust and knows that the sale of my property comes with emotional, financial and social ramifications that is difficult for a novice seller to process.

5 csfuller

One of the greatest. Someone you can trust. Has tremendous knowledge of Kauai and real estate transactions. He knows what price each house should sell for. Will use him again. You can too.

5 dianebrenden2000

I can’t even imagine having another agent handle my real estate transactions. Jim is always ahead of me when I have questions and makes the entire process a breeze, even if it becomes complicated. He is honest and I trust him completely.

5 jstesoro

We have listed our property for sale with Jim. We have experienced a hard working professional. With Jim’s knowledge he put together a team at Remax that have great marketing Skills. Jim was referred to us by another broker. We are so glad that we took that brokers advice. Jim is so competent, honest and hard working. We would recommend him for sure.

5 cpasco2

Jim met all our expectations for a good realtor and much more. Having someone who knew so much about the island, people, places, buying and selling houses and general information filled in many gaps in our thinking and directed our expectations. His photographer was excellent, the best I have seen. Technically very competent with all media’s, especially drones. He has a legal team available for questions or clarification, he handled all issues, but it was nice knowing they were available. When he was out of town he provided us with a quality replacement. He did what he said, and said what he did. He was a star during stressful times.

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