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James G. Pycha

Kauai has nine new civil defense sirens

 . . . .thanks to a statewide modernization program. Two have been set up in new locations in Aliomanu Estates and Isenberg Park. The rest replaced sirens at Anini Beach, Kapaa High School, Kauai Veterans Cemetery, Lihue ballpark, Lydgate Beach Park, Shipwreck Beach and Vidinha Stadium.

 Plans are in place for Kauai’s remaining sirens to be modernized, and new sirens will be installed in other locations, the Kauai Civil Defense Agency said in a statement Thursday.

 About 500 sirens throughout the state are included in the $33 million project, managed by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, formerly state Civil Defense. All will operate on a state-of-the art, satellite-cellular control system. Kauai is the first neighbor island to receive new sirens.


Posted on September 13, 2014 at 11:08 am by James G. Pycha

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